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Oxin is DHL, EMS ,PreviousS,TNT partner, provide small parts fastest delivery, reach your location on time.

Oxin Establish with Joyspeed global cargo (CHINA) limited long term cooperation, offer customer global ocean shipping and air shipping service.

Oxin provide certifcate meet import countrys reuiqirement for customers.

Oxin reserves the right to reasonably determine whether a defect in material or workmanship occurred in normal use or if such defect resulted from a factor excluded from this warranty. If a defect in material or workmanship is determined to have occurred in normal use during the warranty period, the defective part will be repaired or replaced free of charge, at the option of Silkway.

This warranty does not include defects from normal wear and tear, accidents, negligence, abuse, shipment, handling, storage, or environmental conditions. Any modifications to Silkways products by the purchaser, purchasers employees or end-user, voids this warranty.

The normal wearing and easily broken parts such as all kinds of filters, belts, electric appliance and wires, bulbs and fuses, glass, rubber and plastics stuffs.

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